Monday, April 13, 2009

The Ride

Well, I'm hoping KK will have some photos to add to this post, but here's the numbers. According to the Garmin, and my bike, we covered 50.39 km and ascended 490 m (or 1607 ft) a bit shy on the 3900 elevation, but exceeded the 39 kms. So, good ride nonetheless. Kyle is working on getting the graph of the ride so we can see it on here, but, no luck yet.

Oh, we need to add Kyle to the birthday series - June 2 ( I think).


  1. No photos yets...ahem, Lars.

  2. Aaaaah! It's the white mitt guy. LOL. Nice work KK.

  3. He looks kind of scary. Anyone need a rubdown?

  4. His name - Dieter "Eule" Ruthenberg.

    You can have Eric Zabel and Rolf Aldag. Eule's the real star of Hell on Wheels.