Friday, April 10, 2009

The Real Jens.

For Lars- here's your Jens. Not quite as scrawny as Shleck, but not as buff as Robbie. I am also a big fan of Robbie-so no hard feelings eh mate!

KK: I had to add one more Jens photo


  1. Aah, my bad. That's what I get for searching images under a name and believing what is categorized online (had my doubts, but it was hard to tell with that screwed up face, and it was the best skinny-arms shot!).

    I should've asked Paul Doe to help with the image search given his vast experience with the process...

    Yeah, I like Robbie too, and actually a fan of Jens, just have a hard time comparing any cyclist to the great Chuck Norris. I keep getting images of that roadside cycling fight scene playing in my head.

  2. If that's Chuck Norris then Micheal Jackson is Mr. T.

    Sorry Larry but I do not know how to search for male images.