Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Heat Is On!

After last night's friendly ride with our rival FGBC counterparts, it was agreed that Mike's performance in last weekend's road races will count towards the RRR/FGBC challenge despite some administrative confusion. This makes it official—the showdown has begun!

In Sunday's post-race media scrum, Mike stated "This ia a great start for RRR, but there are a lot of races ahead and FGBC has the numbers on us. We can't sit back now, everyone on the team needs to come out and play a full 60 minutes and not make any mistakes in our own end." There you have it.

The next race on the MCA calendar is the ITT on May 3rd, followed by the first crit of the season on May 5th, and the kickoff to the Wednesday Night MTB series on May 6th when it is anticipated the rivalry will really heat up.

While some may think, "if Mike is with us, who can be against us?", it must be stressed that the sum of RRR is greater than its parts, or something. Get your registrations in now! (I'm thinking specifically of a certain female RRR member who's been intensively TT training and recently took receipt of a sexy Scott Plasma for Sunday's ITT)

"For the record, we will use the same points system as the road race series. Points are awarded to the top 20 finishers, no matter how many racers show up, using the following scale: 1st – 25, 2nd – 22, 3rd – 20, 4th – 19, 5th – 18, 6th – 16, 7th – 15, 8th – 14, 9th – 13, 10th – 12, 11th – 11, 12th – 10, 13th – 9 ,14th – 8, 15th – 7, 16th – 6, 17th – 5, 18th – 4, 19th – 3, 20th – 2."
PS - Sunday's TT is an all-comers event. No license is required to participate. All the details here.


  1. I'm a bit confused about how many points a guy receives if he gets the same time as the first place finisher, but is named 10th in the results...

    anyone know?

  2. If you place 10th, then you get 12 points. It's the same as in Liège-Bastogne-Liège, for example. Rebellin (cheater) placed 3rd while Hesjedal placed 11th with the same time.

    Rebellin (cheater) would receive 20 points while Hesjedal would get 11 points.

    Of course this only applies to group finishes in road races. There are no "same time" finishes in mtb racing. Well, rarely ever.