Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The black helicopters are leaving Austin

Somebody is going to get sued...

Michael Ashendon interview

Is LA's myth in danger? Larry, you may want to switch to a Garmin kit for your jammies.


  1. I read part of that article yesterday. It seems there's smoke everywhere you turn.

  2. that's a long interview......

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  4. Larry needs to make this blog his homepage, he doesn't check in often enough, or he is sick of all the bait being cast his way or he is too mature to enter an internet peeing match (couldn't be that one).

    I had to delete the original version of this because this crappy school computer wouldn't let me edit the numerous punctuation and grammatical errors.

  5. Home page - not yet, but getting close. At least I've now got it on my bookmark bar on the laptop. I told KK he needs to develop an "app" for iphones to link directly to it. That would keep me apprised of all the smack coming my way.

    For now I'm mostly blissfully ignorant of it all, that's why I don't respond (PD, you are right - it's definitely not a maturity issue).