Tuesday, April 14, 2009

39 in 39 at 39 (Alpe d'Ingolf)

Here's visual proof that Mike's birthday ride did indeed take place...

After tasty early morning breakfast at Perry's and a stop at Tim's on the way out of town, Mike, The Impaler, Lars, KK, and new RRR recruit Kyle raced out to West Hawk to meet Lorno and get the ride started. The first few minutes on the bike started off a bit cool with a fairly gusty wind, but a few short, "punchy" climbs en route to Ingolf took care of this concern. The steep ascent, which Mike likened to Aple d'Huez (but much shorter) brought us to Ingolf's LCBO for a refreshing break in the action.

After tending to a broken chain and enjoying a Corona on a sunny deck, we retraced our steps and spun our way to Falcon Lake and then back to West Hawk for a Dab and a late lunch.

Mike broke his chain powering up L'Alpe d'Ingolf...the perfect excuse to stop for beer (what would we do without Lorno?)

the birthday boy

there's nothing like a neutral beer to bring rival clubs together (ever so briefly)


Falcon Lake

The next birthday on the RRR calendar is Paul's on May 7. I can't wait to see what fun he has planned for us!


  1. That is a sweet jersey, Brad. I'm less sure about the choice of neutral beer. Let's chalk it up to the less than stellar selection at the Ingolf Inn.

  2. Is that Lorno fixing Mike's chain? Was it a special birthday treat or was Lorno the saboteur?

    I'm trying to think of something, it might involve 42K and 42 perogies.

  3. Sweet. Loving it already. I bribed Loren to fix my chain and I'd buy beer. Beer buys so many things....even corona's.

  4. Looks like a good time. But I'm just floored by the amount of snow in the background of the "rival jerseys" picture.

    have to say I'm shocked you got those numbers out to a cold April ride way out at Ingolf. nicely done.

  5. Yeah, there was feet of snow in the bush everywhere, and snowmobiles on the ice. It sure was good to be out though. Chris, are you getting soft with all that plus 40 weather?

  6. Duece, it wasn't exactly Iditabike - it was well above freezing, but mucho snow fall the past few wks. Kinda like snowboarding in shorts (if you qualify that as "skiing in shorts", I'm gonna have to declare you a roadie Bourgeoisie and slap you with my full-fingered glove the next time I see you as a challenge to a beer drinking contest).

    Now seriously, great to hear all the news from your end, and looking forward to seeing the new road bike as well. All the best to the family as it continues to expand...