Sunday, March 1, 2009

New Team Jerseys

So, who's in charge of getting RRR new jerseys this year??? Might I suggest that a full kit be created, possibly based on the pic on the right...

Couldn't you just see it? The back of the jersey could have a tastefully rendered RRR logo reminiscent of the original Anaheim Mighty Ducks logo.

So seriously. Anybody interested?


  1. I'm in favour of a new jersey. I'm happy to throw together a design or two again...just need some ideas from the group to get the ball rolling.

    Is there a pro jersey we want to model ours after? Are we keeping the modified Red River Cereal logo? Any new sponsors to include? (Larry, Mike?).

    Considering our current jersey started off as a nod to the Winnipeg Jets, an ode to the Mighty Ducks Anaheim could bode well (assuming we're okay with straying from the use of teal and duck-billed face masks).

  2. hmm...

    I do like the RR cereal logo.

    as for modeling it after a team, Astana's definitely a NOT, as is Disco, Katusha,and Saunier Duvall

    I think the new cervelo team jersey's nice. Argyle's cool, but I figure knocking off that design would be too wanna be-ish.

  3. I agree with all your comments, Duece. I think the argyle will look very dated very soon.

    I spent roughly an hour looking through the jerseys up for auction on ebay a few nights ago, hoping something would inspire. There's a lot of junk out there. One jersey, however, that repeatedly caught my eye was the current Columbia Highroad jersey. I think it would work well with our colours (bleu, blanc, et rouge) and a few minor changes.

    Here's a link to the Columbia Highroad jersey I'm referring to (copy and paste into browser):

  4. Wow. I like that - paint-on abs, just like the movie 300. Seriously, I do like the jersey style, etc.

    Now to stir the pot a bit (I know you all are wanting that), maybe we should do a blend with this theme:

    It's a natural blend with Team Highroad - it's actually redundant when you think about it, right Dues and Brad?