Thursday, March 12, 2009

New Jerseys From New York?

Here's the latest...

I've tracked down a couple local suppliers that I'll try to follow up with next week to find out about pricing and minimums.

However, I came across these guys that offer 10 unit minimums at the best prices I've seen yet—jerseys are roughly 1/2 the price of other custom suppliers and bib shorts about $25-30 less. I'd be surprised if the local options can match these minimums and prices, but we'll see.

Vector image files only, so I won't get away with using MS Paint this time. I have CS3 but don't really know how to use it very well. Anyone out there with some Photoshop expertise?

I'm getting excited!


  1. FGBC used Champ-sys, and they accepted our lame bitmaps... it looks pretty awesome from a distance. They'd prefer vector art.

  2. Thanks Darryl. I was going to ask you on the next TNR about your supplier. It's good to know you've had satisfactory results.

  3. BTW, welcome to our humble page, Darryl. 'Tis nice to have some cross-pollination.

  4. well, I've added you to our blogroll... considering half the gang in the photo above have been cross-pollinating, it only makes sense.

  5. hey kev, mike, brad, chris. good to see the RR club is keeping it rolling.

    just to clarify something for you, photoshop would be "raster artwork", illustrator would be "vector". they raster is basically a photo.

    hope to see you guys some time this summer, now i know you have a blog, maybe i'll crash one of your rides.

    over and out.
    kevin b

  6. The Powered by Perogie and MUCR kits are also Champ Sys, as will be the new Olympia kits.

    There is a champ sys fit kit at Olympia Cycle right now (one piece of each size of clothing, mens and womens) and for the next week, in case you need to check your size (it has been noted to fit a little small). You might have to bribe the shop rats with beer to use the kit....

  7. There you go, boys. If you're out and about, looking to get fitted, stop in at Olympia (be sure you're wearing your tighty-whities).

    Thanks, Gianni.