Saturday, March 14, 2009

More on the new jersey front

Funny how things happen...I've been going to the Velonews website for how long? A long time, but had never noticed the site ad for V-Gear. They do custom kits and their pricing appears to be even less than Champ-sys.

Here's their policy on minimums; it's the last part that I especially like. "We ask for 10 of the same item (in any combination of sizes) to place an order and then you may order as little as 1 of anything we produce."

Now I can get the winter jacket I need, and Mike can finally get himself a skinsuit, even if the rest of us don't feel the urge. Arm and knee warmers, socks, vests, caps...oh, the possibilities!


  1. Nice work Sherlock those prices are stupendous for custom! 4-5 week delivery and no charge for art set-up. I'm gonna rock just bib-shorts in an old-school AWA rasslin' tribute! Just kidding I see they have not only racer and sport sizes but also the important relaxed club fit for my Jerry Blackwell girth. I was worried I'd have to squeeze into a BMX jersey.

  2. at least you aren't at the Rakishi stage...yet.