Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I like fixies- I do.

So, my brother in-law Kyle got to go to the handmade bike show in Indianapolis a few weeks back. I was invited to go too, and wanted to, but I have many children so I didn't get to go. However, I did steal some of his photos from his flickr account.
He is a great photographer (and pretty good on the bike too), and I do really like fixed and single speed bikes. I'm trying to redeem myself for the fixie video outrages lately. Sorry to Darryl especially because he seems to be receiving the brunt of this rage.


  1. no worries... i don't feel like i was receiving so much as owning it... somebody had to take it for all the fun lovin' psuedo messenger anarchists... they're just trying to have a good time like the rest of us. I must admit, I dedicated a number of fixie skids to you yesterday. hey, the impaler says you have a fixie you never ride. can i have it?

  2. Some sweet pics your b-i-l has on that there flicker site. Rather cool, I'd say.

  3. acid washed jeans, roller blade & fixies... all things i never (and never will).