Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Forget Fixed-Buy BMX

In response to darryls"nice video" on the FGBC Blog, I'm putting up this "nice video". When will the Fixie folks realize they're trying to re-invent the wheel. I get seriously irritated (like having poison ivy on your ass), when I see these fixed gear video's. Don't get me wrong. I like a lot of people who ride fixies (Dr. H included). This isn't a slam on the good folks who ride them, just those who think it's cool to be uncool to be cool being uncool with all the hype. (Makes me a big fan of the Bike snob). So, for your enjoyment, a real video of some nice bicycle work.


  1. You like me? Really? I'm so touched. But don't think this will lead me to take it easier on you guys in the FGBC-RRR FGD Challenge. This little competition has me more motivated than ever to avoid finishing last.

    As for your fixie comments: I think I agree. But since I've never had poison ivy on my ass I can't be entirely certain.

  2. It's not pretty!
    (the wife-who has also never had poison ivy... anywhere, in fact))

  3. Those kids need summer jobs. Most of them can't even afford shirts.

  4. Thanks Mike, a couple of random thoughts:
    a) not to point out the obvious, OK, forget it, I will, BMX's are not fixed. That's why the lame looking trix on fixies are so sweet.
    b) I envy all who can spend their days learning trix on their bikes, no matter the transmission system.
    c) the BMX kids grow terrible beards, and would just spit on us.
    d) you've ridden with us enough times to know that the cool/uncool/cool/uncool/hype is what I'm all about... so now I feel hurt... emo even. Excuse me while I go find my bike cap and grow my scraggly beard.

  5. trix are for kids. That said...I have learned to track stand. I had to practice in the back lane because I didn't want to screw up infront of the 8 year old bmx kids that live across the street.

    I have no idea what's cool?

    Actually...trying to ride 100 miles through the city with several beer stops = cool. I think?

  6. Sorry Darryl, didn't mean to dis the beard growing. I'm not down on fixie's, just the hype/not hype that goes with it. Yes Dr. H, I like you- not to be confused with mushy emotions- just cool guy "like". Darryl, I like you too- again not to be confused with me wanting to kiss you or anything like that. Yes, I'd go for a bike ride with you, (as long as you didn't try any cheesy fixie trix) Now if you had big ears and big feet, then you could do all the trix you like. However, I have had poison ivy on my ass, and I know how it feels- similar to watching cheesy fixed gear "tricks".
    g- riding anywhere with beer stops is cool- which is why the FGBC is so cool. Now I've overused the word cool and my comments are no longer cool so I'm going to shut up now.

  7. poison Ivy...
    one needs to talk to Hal
    he has last word on poison ivy.

    never mind about "weed wacking" it in shorts...