Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Challenge Is Made

Calling all RRR boys and girls!

We've been challenged by our FGBC brethern to a duel of speed, endurance, and fortitude. It is time to stand shoulder-to-shoulder and vanquish our Mennonite rivals (they must be GCs).

Here's a little ditty to get you going! Change a word or two or five and it's quite fitting. It's time to bike, BIKE, BIKE!


  1. sounds great. Too bad the battle will be long over by the time I get a chance to get to contribute to the fighting...

    I suspect some severe weighting will be needed to keep RRR in the game. Also, will different races have different weights? ex, will results(ie; participation) in reach the beach carry the same weight as a wed. night race?

  2. of course, what I meant in the previous comment is that RRR would have the competition so well in hand by late June that all further results would only deepen FGBC's humiliation.

  3. Agreed. Some means by which to level the playing field will need to be determined. We'll leave it to Brad to figure something out with his Masters Degree in Statistical Analysis . Regardless, the bottom line is race and do your best.

    Why do you say you won't be able to contribute, Duece? All MCA races are eligible.

  4. Oh, gottcha...disregard my question to you, Duece. I think we submitted comments concurrently.

  5. Dr. Divisive and I agreed that no 'weighting' will be used. There's just too many variables, and it is only a case of beer after all.

  6. maybe a simple weighting formula would be to find out how many FG adn RRR riders have licenses, and then to multiply the number of points a RRR rider has earned by the ratio.

    Example. 10 FG riders have licenses and 5 RRR riders do. Then just multiply each point a RRR rider gets by 2 to even the field.

    I'm no math whiz, so there might be flaw with this that I'm not seeing...

  7. So we should get double the beer when we win? Or is that payout twice as much if we lose. I'm not sure how that works. I guess bottom line is that we will have to actually race.

  8. Racing is good...

    Now you'll need to update your club affiliation on your MCA license (and Jack's too).

  9. hmmmm...didn't factor in the actual racing.

    given that new twist, we may need to multiply the RRR points by a higher number.