Saturday, March 14, 2009

The Big Red Dot and Other Observations

This photo sums up RRR to me (or maybe it sums up my participation in RRR). Riding? -Yes but always something slightly askew.

I never know where to find the deep, philosophic, behind-the-scenes information about RRR. Blog or email? In a semi-private email someone pointed out that the red dot on the team photo is far bigger than it needs to be. For clarification the false modesty pose was done as a joke, although my participation is idiotic since I'm wearing baggy shorts. Where else would I keep my Slurpee toonie? Why wasn't KK participating? Was he already scheming up the RRR blog and anticipating worldwide exposure?

Hey what happened to the secret of Paul's success link?


  1. As the saying goes, if you got it - flaunt it. Isn't that what Cipollini practiced? That explains the lack of modesty.

    Honestly, I think I still had sand in my ears from trails and totally missed the discussion. That or it was all staged to prey on my low self-esteem. Either way, I haven't quite felt like a part of the group since.

    And to not exclude you Paul, I've re-posted the link to the secret to your success(es?).

  2. I think that's a picture of Lorno.
    Skin suit-just wait till you all get horned up over cross racing. Then you'll all want one piece pajama's.

  3. can't be Lorne (or you) he's not fixing a flat