Monday, March 23, 2009

Armstrong Crashes Out of Castilla y León

This is unfortunate on many fronts—mostly because we won't see him and Contador duke it out in the Giro for Astana's captaincy. Hopefully LA's injuries aren't as bad as first suspected.

I guess that's what happens when Trek equips LA with "girly bike*" geometry.

* A reference to LA's comments in It's Not All About The Bike (or was it Lance Armstrong's War?) regarding compact geometry framesets.

Update (as stolen from VN)

It's confirmed..."Armstrong suffered a fracture of the third medio of the right clavicle," the race organization said in a statement after the rider underwent an X-ray at a hospital in the city of Valladolid."

Armstrong told reporters his participation in the Giro d'Italia in May "will be very complicated".


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  2. LA rarely goes down and I hate to see anybody get hurt. Even Lance. With his Giro in doubt, this just ramps up the coming drama at the Tour.

  3. Actually, this may reduce the drama. Possibly. If Lance is back riding by the Giro (quite feasible given the time frame), he'd be much less likely to be a contender for GC, so he could be more of a support role for Contador. That could smooth over the controversy for the Tour - I help you in the Giro, you help me in the Tour. Then next year, maybe we reverse it.

    Just a thought - if Lance has a reason to not be in the best of shape for the Giro but can still ride...