Saturday, March 14, 2009

51-year-old Duguay Signs 2-game EPHL Contract

Ah, memories. This story makes me wistful for the days of hockey past when guys like Duguay, Clark, and my childhood hero Lafleur could be men and their hair was their helmet.

I think I'll break out the old Pace Setter team pants on 21st and 22nd to mark Duguay's sure-to-be-exciting return to professional hockey.


  1. Please confirm whether the poster is yours? Do you always use a leopard as a paperweight? Don't let PETA see that or they'll protest at our next BBQ.

    That poster would make a fine new jersey design and we could keep the red, white and blue or if you prefer the rot, blau und weiss (sorry but I ain't gonna use the french like you Habs fans bandy about in the design emails).

  2. No, that's not my poster. I had Lafleur and BJ & The Bear posters as a kid. I then moved on to The Beastie Boys..that poster's in the garage on teh beer fridge.

    Hey, if Larry stopped shaving his chest for a day he could go as Ron Duguay for Halloween.

  3. That does look like Larry's 5 o'clock chest shadow.

  4. For the record, no razor has ever touched my chest.

    KK, funny how you had posters of a thirty-something and a chimp, then a bunch of dudes. Seems to me most pre-pubescent and teenage boys had posters of Farrah Fawcett-Majors (she had the hyphenated name when she was still cool - downhill after ditching the $6M man), Cheryl Tiegs and Heather Thomas posters (in that order). Is there something you want to share with everyone? There's lots more room out here, we won't judge you.

    As another aside, does anyone else think that RD poster looks a little like Howie Mandell when he had hair, the purse/bag shaped like a hand, back in the '80's?

  5. No razor? Is Nair or wax your prefered method?